Drawing Fundamentals

Painting Clouds

This is the start of Flo’s Fundamentals! In this series I’ll be showing different fundamental subjects. Pieces of the puzzle you can use in your digital paintings. In this first class we’ll be covering clouds!

In the first part of the video, I’ll talk about the theory. How can we observe clouds? What are characteristics of clouds and what do we need to keep in mind when painting them?

In the second part of the video, I’ll be doing a demonstration and show you how I approach painting clouds. I’ve attached the reference image I have used for this demonstration. I have found it on Pinterest. You can browse Pinterest to find loads of lovely photos of clouds. You can find my board full of clouds here: https://nl.pinterest.com/artwithflo/clouds/

Skills Learned:

  • Observing Cloud Characteristics: Understanding edges, transitions, and the importance of crisp versus smooth gradients
  • Lighting and Volume: Learning how to depict lighting based on the cloud’s 3D shape and the direction of light
  • Color Variation: Moving beyond the typical whites and grays, incorporating varied colors to reflect different weather conditions and times of the day
  • Layering and Blending: Techniques for creating a base layer, adding lighter parts, refining shapes, and blending for realism
Drawing Fundamentals

Part 1: Sketching Essentials

This is the first lesson in the Learn to Sketch series! In this first lesson we’ll start with the basics – Geometric Shapes! We’ll also discuss why you would want to sketch and how to improve your sketching skills.

We’ll focus on recognizing and sketching out the basic shapes like cubes, cilinders, pyramids, etc. You can practice recognizing these shapes even when you’re not even drawing!

Skills Learned:

  • Basic Shape Recognition: Understand how to break down complex objects into simple shapes like circles, squares, and triangles
  • Observational Skills: Develop your ability to observe and replicate shapes in everyday objects, enhancing your sketching accuracy
  • Sketching Techniques: Learn various sketching methods, from quick thumbnail sketches to detailed studies, improving your overall technique
  • Understanding Volume and Depth: Gain insight into creating volume in your sketches by studying cylinders and other 3D shapes
  • Daily Sketching Practice: Embrace the habit of daily sketching to steadily improve your drawing and observational skills