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Creative Exercises to Improve Your Digital Art Skills in Procreate

Improving your digital art skills requires consistent practice and creativity. One of the best ways to enhance your abilities is by engaging in creative exercises. These exercises can help you build a strong foundation, break out of creative ruts, and experiment with new techniques and ideas. In this article, we’ll discuss several creative exercises you can try in Procreate to boost your digital art skills.

Exercise 1: Draw with Different Brushes

Procreate offers a vast library of brushes, each with unique properties. Challenge yourself to create an artwork using a brush you’ve never used before or rarely use. It’ll force you to adapt to the brush’s characteristics and may even inspire you to develop a new style.

Exercise 2: Limit Your Color Palette

Choose a color palette with only three or four colors and create an artwork using only these colors. This exercise helps enhance your understanding of color relationships and composition.

Exercise 3: Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing is an excellent exercise to improve your understanding of form and movement. Set a timer for a short period (1-2 minutes) and draw quick sketches focusing on capturing the movement and energy of your subject rather than the details.

Exercise 4: Replicate Traditional Art Techniques

Try to replicate traditional art techniques, like watercolor or oil painting, using Procreate’s tools. It’s a great way to explore the app’s capabilities and expand your digital artistry.

Exercise 5: Draw from Memory

Choose a subject and study it for a few minutes, then put it away and draw it from memory. This exercise is a good way to improve your observation and memory skills.

Exercise 6: Participate in Art Challenges

Art challenges, like Inktober or Draw This in Your Style, can help you push your creative boundaries and motivate you to create regularly. Plus, they offer the opportunity to connect with a community of fellow artists.


Creative exercises are a fun and effective way to improve your digital art skills in Procreate. Remember, the goal of these exercises isn’t to create a perfect piece of art—it’s to learn, experiment, and grow as an artist. So, grab your iPad, open up Procreate, and let your creativity flow!

In the video below you will find even more creative drawing exercises to unleash your art!

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