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It’s all about having fun

My mission is to share the fun of creating digital art and I think it should be accessible to everyone. That’s why I create so many free videos and share free resources like brushes. I think creating shouldn’t be about making your next masterpiece or impressing someone else, it should ignite a flame of pure joy within yourself. A great example of how you can simply have fun on your iPad with Procreate® is this video below. It’s one of my favorites!

You can draw this art with flo

The way it started..

My Creative Journey

I probably started drawing when I was about five years old and I enjoyed it a lot! I loved to draw people and animals, like horses and big cats. I was always busy trying to improve my skills and learning about drawing by reading lots of books and looking at the work of others. After that period, I forgot about drawing for a while. Even though I kept drawing in my notebooks at school.



When I was about 20 years old I learned about digital art when visiting the website of CG Society, I was immediately inspired and wanted to make stuff like that too! I bought a Wacom tablet and started practicing. Drawing digital became like an obsession and I couldn’t stop reading and learning about it.

I guess life got in the way though and I forgot about art for a while. I studied Psychology at the Open University of Amsterdam and got a job after that (and two very cool kids!). About 12 years ago my inner artist awoke again though and I became a professional (wedding) photographer. I never lost the urge to draw and paint though, so about six years ago I finally got back to it.


Getting an iPad Pro was quite the life changing event for me. I started sharing more on Instagram and eventually moved to YouTube. I found out that there was a big need for digital art tutorials for beginners. Tutorials that take you by the hand instead of telling you to ‘draw the rest of the owl’.

It took me a lot of years, but now art is a huge part of my life and I’m happy to share everything I have learned. Below you see some of my personal artworks.

A flocreator!

That pure joy

As a kid, you were bursting with curiosity and had this incredible urge to create. Sadly, many lose that spark over time or get bogged down by discouragement. My mission is to reignite that creative flame in everyone. I want you to tap into that boundless creativity, to feel that childhood excitement once more. Let’s create without limitations, without expectations—purely for the sheer joy of it.

The best way to learn

In my opinion the best (and most fun) way to learn is by doing. My tutorials are specifically developed that way. You’ll learn about the variety of features and techniques through repetition across my Procreate tutorials. There’s no order in which you should watch them, I will take it step by step in each one of them. And with every tutorial you watch, your confidence will grow!