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Jump start your Procreate® skills with these 100 tips!

In just 15 minutes you’ll learn all about the ins and outs of the app Procreate®, it’ll help tremendously when you’re following one of the hundreds Art with Flo tutorials. You’ll learn about the basic features of the app, how to use shortcuts and gestures and how to have fun with the app. Perhaps you’ll even find the answer to the question you just wanted to ask!

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I have subscribed to the treasure chest, but I still haven’t received a link?

If you haven’t received the email to open the treasure chest then please be sure to check your spam folder or use the search function in your email inbox, the subject line of the email is ‘Open your Treasure Chest!’

It could also be that the email has been delayed, so please be patient.

If you have unsubscribed from the newsletter and re-subscribed recently, then you won’t be getting a new welcoming mail. Just hold on and check the weekly newsletter that gets sent every Friday. A link to the treasure chest is in every single newsletter email.

Is subscribing to the treasure chest free?

Yes! It’s totally free! All you need to do is sign up for my newsletter to get access. Of course you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. You won’t get updates about new contents in the treasure chest then though!

Why do my colors look different than yours?

Don’t worry if your colors look a bit different than mine. Colors can look a bit different on various devices, but also keep in mind that I’m recording my drawing with a camera and that the recording gets edited.
Do make sure to use the same color profile as I’m using, that’s sRGB IEC61966-2.1.

You can set the color profile when creating a custom canvas. You can check this short video to see how to do that.

I just got Procreate, where do I start?!

I’d start by watching some tutorials on YouTube and by just playing around with the app, try out different brushes. It can take some time to get used to working with Procreate, be patient and stay kind to yourself 🥰
It can be a fun learning journey!
This video might be a good start for you…

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Get to know Flo and how it all got started. How I started drawing at a young age, what university I went to and how Art with Flo came to life.

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Creating art is fun, but sharing it with others is even better! In the Flocreate Community you can share your work, get inspired by the work of others, share your stories, ask questions and overall just be part of a super positive and supportive group.