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My gear is my iPad 9th gen and an Apple Pencil. I’m thinking of getting a back-up Pencil, because sometimes I just want to draw all day! Outside the digital world, I love to dabble in watercolors and the use of white space to spell out words or shapes. I like painting with water alone and then adding pigment/ink in drops to see how they end up swirling and drying.

My iPad was a gift from my daughter (20), who is a studio art major and an amazing painter. She has been my biggest cheerleader in taking risks and growing in my art skills.

I had such a good time with this tutorial

My favorite tutorial ever would have to be the first time I really began to “get” the magic of using the isometric drawing guide. It was the “Coffee Corner.” Specifically, when creating the plant hangers for the wall, it all started to kind of “click.” I had such a good time with this tutorial, mixing up the finishing touches a bit with my newfound confidence to create my own unique coffee shop, even down to the treats in the display!

Today, I feel like I can draw anything and make it exist in the artistic space looking like it fits there—if I just take my time, find my shapes, and use the drawing guide.

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