Textured Feeling PenMat

Get a textured feel on your iPad screen

If you’re a designer or a note-taker who adores the vivid display of the iPad but also craves the textured, tactile feel of a matte screen protector, you’ve likely faced a tough choice in the past. Now, with PenMat’s innovative magnetic strips, you no longer have to compromise. Plus, you can say goodbye to bubble troubles!

  • Feel the Texture – PenMat introduces a game-changing screen protector by infusing matte particles, creating an experience akin to drawing on actual canvas. This added texture increases friction, enhancing control over your iPad’s® screen.
  • Reusable Convenience – The integrated magnetic connection allows for effortless placement of PenMat on your iPad® whenever you desire that matte sensation.
  • Outdoor Friendly – PenMat skillfully diffuses sunlight instead of reflecting it. This means you can now create your masterpiece or jot down notes even on the sunniest days without the annoyance of glare.
  • Smudge-Proof – Our finely balanced matte particles not only maintain screen clarity but also minimize smudges and fingerprints. Stay focused on your creativity without the need for constant cleaning.
  • Magnetic Ease – PenMat is designed with magnets for a hassle-free attachment to your iPad’s® screen. These magnets are precisely aligned to your screen size, ensuring PenMat always appears as if it was meant to be there.

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