iPad Easel

Stay comfortable when you want to draw for a long time.

Its modern and elegant design bridges the gap between classic art techniques and digital advancements, creating an unparalleled drawing experience.

Built to last, the iPad Easel stands firm, offering a stable foundation for your device. Its versatility shines with adjustable settings, enabling you to discover the perfect viewing angle. This feature is especially beneficial for reducing discomfort and strain during extended periods of drawing.

    • Perfect Angle: The iPad Easel offers the perfect angle for digital artists, allowing them to position their iPad at the ideal angle for drawing, shading, and colouring. The iPad Easel has 5 height settings.
    • Secure iPad Holder: The easel securely holds iPads, ensuring a perfect fit and a reliable grip to keep your device securely in place while you create.
    • Portability and Convenience: The easel’s compact and lightweight design makes it highly portable, enabling artists to take their creative workspace anywhere, whether in a café, outdoors, or in their own studio.

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