You can draw this art with flo

Teresa Henshaw

Patron since January 2021
I discovered Art with Flo during Covid. She has taught me so many different things about art and color and procreate, it is amazing. Flo is an outstanding teacher. The whole community is very supportive and positive. Thanks Flo for all that you do.


Patron since October 2023
It takes a special kind of talent to teach digital art to people who could never draw two straight lines to save their lives. Flo takes this assignment to a whole new level and manages to engage people from all around the world in her projects. Thanks for being an inspiration and a big help to those struggling with their everyday lives.

Rita Lewis

Patron since October 2023

I love Flo’s tutorials because she is thorough and identifies clearly the actions she is taking. Her selections of art types are varied and beautifully drawn and rendered. I have an art background from long ago and Flo’s tutorials help me remember manual techniques and show me how to do them digitally. I love learning here.

Dustin McClain

Patron since November 2021

Flo is the right mix of teaching, pushing our limits, and nurturing our creativity. By doing her tutorials, I've learned so much about digital art, especially using Procreate. Her method of teaching allows us to learn as we do, so I can now do so many things on Procreate without help. I love that Flo varies the types of projects that we create, allowing everyone to find something that we enjoy.

Andrea Carter

Patron since January 2022

I love all of the Flo tutorials that I have done so far. She does an excellent job of making it easy to follow her and create our pieces. I love the Flo Community for getting feedback on my work and for finding the tutorials I want to do.

Kendra Barbour

Patron since November 2023
Being a part of the Flo Community means a lot, it's like being invited into a warm cozy home of learning but just from the comfort of your bed. The love and time that you put into this community with all the extra content is worth every penny! Thanks for being Flotastic!

Krista B Janssen

Patron since November 2021

I felt really overwhelmed with the Procreate app, till I came across a “You can draw this” tutorial from Flo on YouTube! I haven’t stopped drawing ever since! I love how Flo explains everything! she’s clear on her instructions and she encourages you along the way! I’ve tried other tutorials on YouTube from different creators but none compare to Flo’s! she’s just the best teacher! Thank you Flo for all you do for us!


Patron since September 2023
After struggling to find myself after having a baby, Flo’s procreate tutorials ignited my passion for creating digital art. I have a hobby again, and Flo’s tutorials make it so fun to do! I literally love this so much

Jen Jen

Patron since November 2023

I’ve had Procreate for years (10 at least) and I never created anything on it because I didn’t know how to use it. I watched a few YouTube videos and still struggled. But then Flo’s tutorials came up and I found them not only so easy to follow, but they also explained tools as well. Now I feel more confident with my skills and I’ve even been able to make some commissions from my work. Thank you Flo!

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