Outer Space Landscape

In this easy Procreate tutorial we will create this colorful outer space landscape. We’ll use simple shapes during the process and I’ll show you handy tricks to use in Procreate. You’ll learn how to add wonderful textures and make use of the selection tool for instance. Just don’t forget to share your result once you have created this illustration on your iPad!

Brushes used:

  • Script Brush
  • Monoline Brush
  • Spackle it Brush
  • Round Chalk Brush

Canvas Size:

  • 2300 x 3000 pixels

Skills Learned:

  • Shape and Form: Master the art of drawing mountains, rocks, and planets with simple shapes, then adding depth through shading and texture
  • Selective Erasing: Use the eraser with the same brush used for drawing to create crisp, clean edges
  • Layer Management: Efficiently use layers to build complexity, allowing for easy adjustments and additions to your scene

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