Watercolor Sun at Sea

Here’s a short and fun Procreate tutorial for you. In under 15 minutes I will show you how you can create this watercolor sun at sea landscape. You’ll learn a bunch about the features in Procreate along the way!

Brushes used:

  • Monoline Brush
  • Wash Brush
  • Round Watery Brush
  • Styx Brush

Canvas Size:

  • 2500 x 2500 pixels

Skills Learned:

  • Drawing Perfect Circles: Utilize the Monoline Brush with snapping to draw and center perfect circles
  • Layer Masking: Add and manipulate layer masks to refine shapes and effects
  • Creating Watercolor Effects: Use the Wash Brush and Round Watery Brush to simulate watercolor textures in the sky and water
  • Selection and Clipping Masks: Effectively use selection tools and clipping masks to add depth and layers to the painting

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