Cozy Snow Globe

Get ready to dive into a cozy and creative journey with this easy Procreate drawing tutorial!  You’ll be crafting a cozy snow globe scene, full of winter magic. This tutorial is an excellent opportunity to learn by doing, enhancing your skills with Procreate’s selection tool, alpha lock, clipping masks, and layer masks. No prior experience is needed, so let’s jump in!

Brushes used:

  • Monoline Brush
  • Soft Brush
  • Script Brush
  • Brush Pen

Canvas Size:

  • 2500 x 2500 pixels

Skills Learned:

  • Creating Perfect Shapes: Learn to draw perfect circles and ovals using the Monoline Brush and the Quick Shape Tool
  • Layer Manipulation: Master the art of duplicating, transforming, and organizing layers for complex shapes
  • Alpha Lock and Clipping Masks: Explore the power of alpha lock and clipping masks for detailed coloring and shading
  • Symmetry Tool Use: Utilize the Symmetry tool to create balanced designs with ease
  • Adding Textures and Highlights: Enhance your artwork with subtle textures and highlights using various brushes

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