Love Birds

Here’s a cute Procreate tutorial which is perfect for Valentine’s day for instance! I’ll guide you through the process of creating this couple of cute love birds in easy steps. We’ll start of with a simple sketch before we start applying the line art. I’ll show you how you can make use of tools like alpha lock, clipping mask and the symmetry tool. You’ll be learning by doing! And you’ll end up with a lovely illustration which you can share with a loved one. Have fun!

Brushes used:

  • Round Chalk Brush
  • Monoline Brush
  • Technical Pen
  • Soft Brush
  • Script Brush

Canvas Size:

  • 2500 x 2500 pixels

Skills Learned:

  • Sketching: Learn to sketch the basic shapes of the birds using simple geometric forms and the Round Chalk Pencil, establishing a solid foundation for your artwork
  • Symmetry Tool: Discover how to use Procreate’s Symmetry tool to create symmetrical elements
  • Layer Management: Learn how to organize your layers, which is crucial for a non-destructive workflow and for making adjustments easier
  • Layer Clipping Mask and Alpha Lock: Learn how to make use of these Procreate features to easily shade objects

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