10 Easy Drawing Ideas

These are 10 easy things to draw when you are bored! I have collected 10 easy drawing projects for Procreate with which you can get started right away! These easy drawing tutorials are perfect to follow when you feel stuck of when you are bored. So let’s have fun!

Brushes used:

  • Dry Ink Brush
  • Monoline Brush
  • Medium Nozzle
  • Wet Sponge
  • Wash Brush
  • Glowing Brush
  • Round Brush
  • Soft Brush
  • Light Pen
  • Old Beach Brush
  • Studio Pen
  • Tinder Box Brush
  • Eaglehawk Brush

Canvas Size:

  • 2500 x 2500 pixels


  • Creating a Colorful Animal Portrait: Learn to transform a photo of your pet into a vibrant, expressive artwork using a color-changing brush technique
  • Designing Glowing Stars: Master the art of drawing and glowing star-filled skies, incorporating color dynamics and layer blending modes for a luminous effect
  • Crafting an Abstract Watercolor Piece: Explore abstract art by creating random lines and filling them with watercolor brushes for a relaxing painting session
  • Drawing a Cute Cat with Symmetry Tool: Utilize Procreate’s Symmetry tool to draw an adorable, perfectly symmetrical cat, enhancing it with colors and shadows
  • Making a Minimalistic Tree: Discover how to use selection tools and layer masks to create a stylized, minimalistic tree with a calming aesthetic
  • Drawing Black and White Planet Doodles: Delve into drawing various planets with unique textures and rings, adding depth and interest to a cosmic scene
  • Painting a Simple Watercolor Landscape: Learn to layer washes of color to form a serene landscape, complete with clouds and a sun, on a textured paper effect
  • Creating a Cute Bee Illustration: Combine basic shapes and Procreate’s drawing guides to create a charming bee, surrounded by flowers and clouds
  • Building Stylized Watercolor Houses: Use artistic brushes to construct colorful, stylized houses, adding windows, doors, and trees for a whimsical village scene
  • Crafting a Colorful Little Monster: Experiment with shapes, colors, and layers to bring to life a unique monster, filled with personality and whimsy

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