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I started being interested in art at a young age, I’ve always loved drawing, making crafts, I got even more interested in art in high school, my art teacher at the time was very encouraging and always allowed me to express myself with my art allowing me to try different styles and mediums.

After high school, I enrolled in an art college to further my improvement in art, I learned about colour theory, art history, drawing, painting and photography! After college my art slowed down as I had to focus more on work, I also did mural paintings as a side job but again I ended up having to put more attention to my working life, at the time I had a black lab named Cody, he was just really special to me, we did everything together, as he grew older he unfortunately got cancer and shortly passed away, with that blow I completely put my art aside, I completely shut down, I got depressed and just didn’t care about anything, my creative drive wasn’t there anymore, I knew that’s not what Cody wanted he’d want me to be happy! So I had to turn my life around, I adopted a new dog, As the years passed I still felt lost I was missing something from my life and that was art! I wanted to create again but I don’t want to deal with the mess that comes with painting but also paint is expensive, I was gifted new iPad and decided to try digital art, I was way over my head when I started the procreate app! I was lost and just really overwhelmed! So I decided to look up tutorials on YouTube, that’s where I came across Flo! Her tutorials are welcoming! Like you’re getting ready to draw with a friend! Flo explains what she’s doing, she shows where the paint brushes are so your not lost looking all over the app, she teaches you what effects/ blend modes you could use to further improve your art piece, Flo just immediately makes you feel like you can do anything! Just like she always says “You can draw this in procreate”

My goal is to not always be so hard on myself, to loosen up with sketching and not be a perfectionist all the time, to not listen to that voice in your head saying you’re not good enough, when you are good enough! and that’s okay to make mistakes, that’s the only way you can improve is by making those mistakes!

My favourite place to draw when following an Art with Flo tutorial is on my living room couch with my dog laying beside me, just a nice way to unwind your day by drawing along with one of the best digital art teachers Flo!

I never thought I could make this!

My favourite YouTube tutorial is the Isometric mini world, I like it because I never thought that I could actually do an isometric drawing, I’m not very good with perspective drawing, so I immediately start thinking that I can’t do it but Flo was there guiding me through the whole process, even when you think you can’t do it she encourages you along the way!  She thoroughly takes you through each step, explaining how light and shadows work, what the best blend modes to use and also to not always overthink things!

I was pleasantly surprised at how my drawing turned out that I even now like doing the isometric room drawings, I now go in with confidence drawing isometric room/worlds, as before I did not this is all cause Flo gave me that encouragement!

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