You Can Draw This Candy Cane in Procreate! We will only be using the brushes that are already in the app. We’ll be using the Monoline Brush (Calligraphy) and the Soft Brush (Airbrushing). You can also download my color palette in case you want to use the exact same colors. But you can also insert the hexadecimals in Procreate:

  • #2498d3
  • #c3e9fc
  • #ffffff
  • #ee0202
  • #6e0d0d

Running into any issues? Then be sure to check out my FAQ page, there’s a decent chance you’ll find your answers there!

You Can Draw This Candy Cane – Setting up the canvas

First of all, our canvas. For this tutorial you’ll need to create a canvas that is 2300 x 3000 pixels. The color profile of the canvas is set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Keep in mind that you can only change the color profile of a canvas when creating a brand new canvas with a custom size.

Canvas size in Procreate

Next we’ll click the Background layer in the layer menu and select the first color in the color palette to fill this background layer.

Step 2 – Making the basic Candy Cane shape

For the next step we’ll turn on the drawing guide. Go to the wrench in the menu, then to canvas and turn on the drawing guide. Next you’ll need to go to edit drawing guide and set the grid line length to 325 pixels. Using the grid we’ll make perfect circles for the top of the candy cane. Remember to hold your pen in place to make your circle snap to a Quick Shape. When you hold one finger on your screen while doing this, your circle will turn into a perfectly round one.

Using the grid and the magnetic and snapping tools, we’ll easily create a basic candy cane shape. Please check the video to review these steps.

Once your basic shape has been created and filled by dragging the white into the shapes. You can use the move tool to rotate and resize your candy can a bit.

We’ll start creating new layers on top of the layer with the candy cane shape to start adding decorations.

Step 3 – Adding Color to the Candy Cane

First add a new layer on top and set this one to clipping mask. That way, whatever we paint on this new layer, it’ll only show up on the candy cane shape. On this layer we’ll start adding the red stripes using the monoline brush.

After you’ve added the stripes, we’ll add some light and shadow to the candy cane. Make a new layer on top of the others for this and set this to clipping mask as well. Also change the layer blending mode of this layer, you can do that by clicking the N next to the layer name. Set the layer to Multiply. A Multiply layer makes everything darker without messing with texture or patterns you’ve painted. Using a soft brush you can add some shadow around the candy cane. To soften this shadow, go to Gaussian Blur and slide your pen or finger to the right to make the shadow look softer.

Adding depth to a Candy Cane drawing

We’ll use the same technique to add light to the candy cane. Create a new layer, set it to clipping mask and this time set the layer blending mode to Screen. This will make everything lighter. Using the second color in the color palette, add a highlight to the candy cane. For the highlight you can use the Gaussian Blur as well to make it look softer.

Adding these shadows and highlights to the candy cane will make it look much more 3d!

Step 4 – A Final Touch!

For a final touch we’ll add some glow around the candy cane. Create a new layer below all the others to do this. Using the third color in the color palette and a soft brush, make a glow around the candy cane. You can use the Gaussian Blur again to make the glow look softer.

You Can Draw This Candy Cane layers

Here’s an overview of all the layers that were used in this Procreate tutorial, for your convenience!


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