Do you want to go further than the Procreate beginner tutorials? Check one of these Procreate Intermediate tutorials! These are great if you want to dive into the fundamentals of drawing and painting in Procreate some more. If you are up for a bigger challenge, then my intermediate tutorials are great for you. There is a great variety of subjects I cover, but the tutorials are less step by step than the beginner tutorials. You will be working from sketch to finished piece, but I will always provide you with a color palette and brushes. Rather watch free content? Then you might want to start with my You Can Draw This series. If you want to learn about the basics and improve your sketching techniques, then you’ll want to watch my Learn to Sketch classes.

During this intermediate to advanced tutorial I will show you how you can use the perspective grid to draw and paint this pagoda and mount Fuji.

Learn how to glow up a princess in this intermediato Procreate tutorial. We’ll use a princess as a base and paint on top of here to make adjustments and add more glow 😉

I’ll teach you how to paint glossy lips in Procreate. We’ll be using special make up brushes for Procreate in this tutorial.

How to paint a cocktail in Procreate! I will show you. During this tutorial I will walk you through the process of painting this mojito cocktail.

Let’s create an autumn forest scene is this intermediate Procreate tutorial.

Drawing and painting an ice cream is easy! I will guide you through all the steps in this Procreate tutorial.

In this Procreate tutorial we’ll be using watercolor brushes to create this cheerful foodtruck. Of course patrons are provided with all the brushes that are used during the tutorial.

Watch the process of this golden ring painting and learn how to add shine to your jewellery paintings.

You will learn how to create a stylized landscape illustration. We’ll start by creating a grayscale landscape and add colors to it in a later stage, keeping full control over the process.

Learn how to create a delicious looking rainbow cake in Procreate. I will guide you through the steps and show you how you can add texture to the cake for instance.

You can create this realistic gemstone too! I will guide you through the steps on how you can draw this gem in Procreate.

We’ll create this realistic looking hamburger together in this intermediate Procreate tutorial. I’ll guide you through the process from sketch to finished painting.

In this Procreate tutorial we’ll be working with special watercolor brushes for Procreate. Using a reference photo, we’ll paint this lovely house with plants.

In this 1,5 hour tutorial, I will guide you through the process of painting this lagoon with a boat.

We’ll create shiny, glossy lips in this intermediate Procreate tutorial. Of course all brushes that are used are provided to patrons.

We’ll create a beautiful fish in this intermediate tutorial for Procreate. We’ll use simple dabs to create the illusion of glittery scales.