The Procreate 5X Update is here and it’s full of brand new features. I have made a video showing all of the new Procreate features and how they work.

New Procreate 5X filters and more control!

Procreate has some great new filters like Glitch, Chromatic Aberration, Half Tone and Bloom. The great thing is that you now have more control over your filters, the update has added the Pencil Filter option. You can now either apply a filter to an entire layer or selectively by using a brush. This gives you a great amount of control over your filters!

Procreate 5X new Color features

You’ll find some brand new color features in the Procreate 5X update, like the Swatch Drop. This means you can drop in colors straight from your color palettes. Be aware that you’ll have to hold the color a bit longer than you’re used to though (check out the video to see it in action). Procreate 5X also lets you create instant palettes by using your iPad’s camera or by creating instant color palettes from photos. You’ll have an inspiring color palette in no time!

The Colour Fill option is also a great new feature. You can add colored shapes easily with the selection tool now, by just turning on the Colour Fill option.

Reference image

Having the ability to have a reference image in a separate window is definitely a long awaited feature. It’s finally here! You can either have a referecen photo in a separate little window, or have the window show the artwork you’re working on. This is great when you’re working zoomed in on your work and want to keep an eye on the overall look of your painting.

FacePaint & Scribble

Procreate FacePaint is a fun new option in Procreate 5X. It uses VR to enable you to paint on your own face. Unfortunately Procreate FacePaint is only available on newer iPads.

With the iOS14 update came the option to use Scribble with your Apple Pencil. It let’s you write on your screen and turns your written text into typed text. Procreate 5X has integrated this option as well, letting you write the Layer names for instance. It also works when adding text to a layer.

More Procreate 5X Features

If you want to see ALL of the new features that came with the update. Then be sure to check out the video in which I show you all of the new Procreate 5X features.

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