The Procreate 5 update is here! The latest version of the app from Savage Interactive is full of awesome new features, like animation assist and a new brush creation system. Let’s dive into the Procreate 5 update with an overview of 18 new features!

#1 CMYK Color Profile

Procreate 5 CMYK color profile options

You can find this feature when creating a new canvas in Procreate. There is a variety of color profiles you can choose from, so that is great news for professional artists. CMYK color profiles are used for physical prints, if you just want to show your artwork online, then it’s a good idea to go for a sRGB color profile.

#2 Timelapse video settings

When creating a new canvas, you can now also adjust the settings of the timelapse recording that Procreate makes automatically. In previous version you needed to do this in the app preferences, but now that the Procreate 5 update is here, you can adjust the settings for each artwork that you make.

Timelapse settings in the Procreate 5 update

#3 Name, photo and signature

Another nice little feature that the Procreate 5 update brings, is the ability to add a photo, name and signature to your digital artworks. You can do this after creating your new canvas and then going to canvas information in your settings menu.

About this Artwork in Procreate 5 Update

#4 Canvas Rotation

You can find this new feature when going to canvas in the settings menu and then to crop & resize. The ability to rotate your canvas is new in Procreate 5 and can be very handy when you need to straighten a horizon for instance.

Canvas Rotation in Procreate 5 update

#5 Moving colors

You can now place the color wheel anywhere you like

In Procreate 5 you can move your color wheel around your canvas, so you will always have it near you. How convenient! Don’t need it anymore? Then you can just click the little X to close it again.

#6 Color History

In the color menu you will now also find your Color History, these are a maximum of 10 swatches of previous colors you used.

Color History menu

#7 Color Harmony

The Color Harmony tab is a great new feature in the color menu. It gives you a very easy way to make wonderful color combinations that bring harmony to your artwork. You can choose between Complementary, Split Complementary, Analogous, Triadic and Tetradic.

Color Harmony options in Procreate

#8 Easy Layer Blending Mode

Selecting a Layer Blending Mode has become easier in Procreate 5. The layer menu looks a bit different when clicking the little N next to the Layer’s name. You can easily scroll through all the blending modes and see the effect right away. This makes playing around and experimenting with layer blending modes even more fun in Procreate 5!

#9 Save & Load selections

A great new option is the ability to save & load selections! Once you have made a selection using any of the selection options, you can save it and use it again at a later point. You can load the selections that you have saved, by just opening up the save & load selection option again.

Save and load selections with the new Procreate 5 update

#10 Clone Tool

The clone tool is a super handy tool, which enables you to clone parts of your painting. All you need to do is select the area you want to clone and use any brush you want to paint in an area of your choosing. You can find the clone tool under the magic wand icon.

The new Clone Tool

#11 Animation Assist

Making animations has just become way easier in Procreate 5! Using the animation assist option, you can make animation frames in a breeze. When working on a new frame, you can see the previous frame through your new frame. You can also set a background and foreground layer, which is a big improvement. This way you don’t have to copy your background and foreground layer in the various frames.

The animation assist menu in Procreate 5

#12 New Standard Brushes

The Procreate 5 update comes with some lovely new standard brushes! You can have hours of fun just trying out these wonderful new Procreate brushes.

Some examples of new Procreate brushes

#13 New Brush Creation Menu

The new brush creation system looks like an app on its own. Opening the brush options brings you through an entire new screen. On the right side of your screen you will find the drawing pad, which enable you to try out your brush immediately.

The new Brush creation menu in Procreate 5

#14 Color Dynamics

You can add color dynamics to your brushes in Procreate 5

Color Dynamics is a great new brush feature, you can now make brushes that instantly give you all the colors of the rainbow! Or you can make a brush that slightly varies the hue or saturation for instance. The possibilities are endless!

The option is great when making a foliage brush for instance, you can easily vary the colors of your leaves this way. But you could also make a brush with colorful stars for example!

#15 Seamless Texture Generator

Adding a texture to your brush has become a lot more convenient now that the Procreate 5 update is here. Procreate 5 has a build in Seamless Texture Generator, this means you don’t have to make your textures seamless before importing them as a grain source. This saves a brush creator like me a lot of time!

#16 Brush Credit Panel

In Procreate 5 you can edit your name and photo to your brushes

Just like with your canvas information, you can now add your name, photo and signature to your brushes. So go on and create some awesome brushes, share them with the world and everyone will know that those awesome brushes were made by you!

#17 Combine Brushes

Combine Brushes in Procreate 5

I think we can all spend hours and hours matching brushes and combining them into a whole new brush. The Combine Brushes option in Procreate 5 is an amazing new feature. It lets you pick two brushes and merge them into one brush. You can get some amazing outcomes!

#18 Import Photoshop Brushes

The final feature that is new to Procreate 5 is the option to import brushes from Photoshop! You can take all your favorite brushes from Photoshop and use them in Procreate from now on. I just found that brushes that have a dual brush setting in Photoshop, don’t transfer well. I guess you’ll just have to try and see which Photoshop brushes work best in Procreate.

The Procreate 5 Update video!


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