Learn how to sketch anything

with my brand new ebook and fully narrated video tutorial

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With my new ebook you will learn how to sketch anything! I have created a book full of tips and tools to help you sketch from life or reference images. The techniques that I discuss in the ebook can be applied to both traditional and digital drawing.

How to learn to sketch

How can you learn how to sketch? To improve your sketching skills you’ll need to focus on both your motor skills and your observational skills. In my ebook I show exercises that will help you improve these skills. But I will also show you ways to look at your image and measure proportions.

Learn how to sketch

It took me lots of years to discover how I could sketch efficiently and I have had many ephinanies during my artistic journey. Reading this ebook will save you a lot of time!

Includes a fully narrated video tutorial

I haven’t just made an ebook, I have also added a 50 min long video tutorial. In the video tutorial I demonstrate the techniques that are discussed in the book. That way the information will surely stick, right!?

So if you’re interested in improving your sketching skills, then this book might just be the thing for you!


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