Do you want to learn how to doodle? I tried out 3 Skillshare classes about doodling for you and I’ll let you know what my experience was! Want to join Skillshare as well? I am allowed to give you 2 months of Skillshare for FREE! So you can go ahead and learn how to doodle by following these classes as well.

Learn how to doodle with Doodle Magic

The first class I took on Skillshare was Doodle Magic by Yasmina Creates. The main thing I liked about her classes, is that she is very encouraging. She really gives you confidence in doodling and shows how you can feel free to doodle anything.

In the doodle class, Yasmina gives some nice ideas on how to build up a doodle, what patterns to use and what exercises you can do.

The doodle class by Yasmina really encouraged me to just have fun with doodling without giving it too much thought. Doodling should be fun and enjoyable! After following this Skillshare class, I got inspired to make this little doodle.

Learn how to doodle with Doodle to Designs

The next Skillshare class I followed, was Digital Illustration: Doodles to Designs by Jon Burgerman. Compared to the previous class, this was quite different and more next level. I really liked the playfulness in the videos by Jon and his burger friend is just great. Jon really gave some insights into his art style and the way he accomplishes it. The teacher gives some exercises that are very enjoyable to do and gives you the confidence that you can do it too!

A great thing about this class is that it also gives you insight in the entire design process and how you can make your doodle ready for print. It shows you how you can tidy up your doodle in Illustrator for example. So if you want to turn your doodles into designs for t-shirts, mugs, posters, or whatever! Then this Skillshare class might be the thing for you! After seeing the class, I got inspired to make this.

It was really fun to explore a style that is entirely new for me!

Learn how to doodle with the Art of Doodling

The final class I took to learn how to doodle, was again, entirely different from the others. The class The Art of Doodling: Exercises to Boost Memory and Creativity by Cathy Wu is really about boosting your creativity (and also your memory).

During the class I learned that doodling is a great help when studying for example! I wish I had known that before. The class has some really nice exercises to boost your creativity and come up with out of the box ideas. Doodling is all about having fun, relaxing and letting your creative juices flow.

One of the exercises was to create animals using these random shapes.

It was great to see the animals that Cathy came up with and quite challenging to come up with new animals myself once I finished the class! It was a lot of fun though. What animals would you draw?

Art with Flo on Skillshare soon!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting Skillshare classes too! I’m working on developing classes that will launch in 2020. So get ready for it! Are you excited and do you want to check out some Skillshare classes too? Click the image below to get 2 months of free Skillshare classes. And if you don’t want to miss my class, then go and follow me on Skillshare here.

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