How to use a fur brush

To create realistic fur in Procreate and Photoshop

Painting realistic fur can be a daunting task, but using fur brushes can make your artistic life a lot easier! Let me show you how you can build up fur using the soft short fur brush. Click the link to get it for free for Photoshop or Procreate.

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Step 1. Lay down a dark base

Animals often have a dark underfur, that’s why it’s wise to start of with a dark color and work your way to lighter colors. If the animal you’re painting has a light underfur, then you can start of with lighter colors instead.

Step 2. Add a first layer of fur

Once you have a base fur, you can start adding a lighter color on top. Gently glaze the soft short fur brush on top of your base fur to add more fur texture.

Step 3. More fur layers

Build up your fur by adding more colors to the fur, make slight adjustments to the colors to keep the effect subtle. Don’t forget to think about the size of the hairs on the animal you’re painting. Fur that is further away from the viewer should be painting with a smaller brush and should have less texture. You won’t be able to see the individual hairs of fur that is in the distance.

Step 4. Final details

Once you have a nice colorful fur laid down, you can grab a small brush to add little details and individual hairs. Do this in areas that are part of the focal area, the part of your painting that will draw the attention. You don’t have to give the entire fur the same amount of detail.

Have fun painting fur!

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Watch the video

Want to see fur brushes in action? You can check out this video I made in which I paint a wolf in Procreate.

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