Painting glasses in Procreate can be quite easy. In this short tutorial I’ll take you through all the steps. After reading this you’ll know how to paint glasses in Procreate!

How to paint glasses in Procreate – The Steps

Step 1 – Draw the outline

Draw the outline of the glasses on a new layer above your portrait painting. In Procreate you can use the Quick Shape tool, draw a circle and hold your pen in place to activate the Quick Shape tool. I used my Line Brush to draw the basic shape. Next I duplicated the circle and moved it to the other eye. Using the Liquify tool you can tweak the shape of the glasses.

To make a perfect circle in Photoshop you can use the Pen tool or Custom Shape Tool

Step 2 – Highlights and shadow

Make a new layer above the circles and select clipping mask when clicking the new layer. You can now easily add the highlights and shadow to the glasses without going outside the lines.

Step 3 – Other parts of the glasses

You can do the same thing for the other parts of the glasses, but another option would be to paint these parts on a separate layer and then selecting Alpha Lock when clicking the layer. This is another way to not go outside of the lines.

Step 4 – Fill the glasses

Click the layer with the circles and select Reference. On a new layer below this layer you can drop in a light color to fill the glasses. Lower the opacity of this layer to make the glasses more translucent. Next you can add a layer mask and fill it with black. Using a brush set to white you can paint the lighter glass back in, making a reflection. I added an extra layer on top to add some more reflection details.

Step 5 – Paint the nose pads

On a layer below the others, you can paint the nose pads. Add some shadow on the skin (because the eyeglass frame will block some light) to give it some extra realism.

In this image you can see the layout of my layers. I couldn’t find the word for nose pads, so yeah.. it has a silly name 😉

Now you know how to paint glasses in Procreate, the easy way! Have fun painting glasses!


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