Clouds are so relaxing to look at, don’t you think? Especially the fluffy and colorful ones! Clouds are also awesome to paint! So if you want to learn how to paint clouds, be sure to check the video and check out these simple tips to keep in mind when painting clouds.

reIt might seem like clouds are all white, that’s how you draw them as a kid (or you draw them using blue). But clouds actually have a lot of colors! Check it out the next time you look at a cloudy sky. You can start painting clouds by looking at clouds in real life, or you can collect reference photos of clouds (that’s pretty handy if you’re looking for a specific type of cloud). Be sure to check my article about finding quality reference photos.

How to paint clouds – The colors

The colors of the clouds will be influenced by their surroundings, you will see surrounding lights reflected on the clouds, but also colors of the earth! Also keep in mind that, when painting a sky, the top part should be darker and more saturated than the bottom part. Unless a storm is on the way, then the area near the horizon will be darker 😉

When the sun is at a lower point in the sky, it will cast a warm light on the clouds. The shadow part of the clouds on the other hand, will have cool blue and purple tones. Since the sun is at a low point, the clouds will be hit by the light from the side. When the sun is at an even lower point, the sun will light the clouds from below. The part that is lit will look even warmer, with red, orande and pink tones. The shadow part, again, will be cool, with dark blue and purple tones.


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