How to install Procreate Brushes and brush sets

A step by step guide to importing brushes into Procreate

How to install Procreate brushes

A lot of people ask me how to install Procreate brushes, especially brush sets. So I decided to write a blog post about it! First thing you’ll need if you want to import Procreate brushes and brush sets, is the app Procreate of course. It’s a drawing app that runs on iPad only.

iPad only or Computer + iPad?

When you download Procreate brushes or brush sets, it might be that you get a .zip file. Since you cannot import .zip files directly into Procreate, you’ll have to extract the files first. If you’re working on a PC or Mac, you can unzip the files before transferring them to your iPad, but if you are working on an iPad alone, you’ll have to use an unzip app to extract the files. You can use an app like Winzip or Zip Browser for this. Once you have unzipped .brush and .brushset files on your iPad, you’re ready to go and import them into Procreate.

How to install Procreate single brushes

Click the plus sign in the Brush Library

Installing a single brush into Procreate is pretty easy:

  • Open a (blank) canvas
  • Select the brush tab
  • You’ll see a + in the upper right corner, click it
  • Select import
  • Navigate to the location where you saved the single brush file (this is a .brush file)
Select import in your Brush menu in Procreate
Brush importing into Procreate, single brushes
As you can see you can only select the single brushes, not the brush sets

How to install Procreate .brushset files

Importing a .brushset file can become a little bit more complicated, this is because you cannot import these brush sets the way you import single brushes and there are multiple ways to import .brushset files. I’ll show you three ways to import .brushset files to Procreate, but there are probably others ways that’ll work as well.

Importing Procreate brushes from a secondary window

If you have stored the .brushset file on your iPad, then you can easily drag and drop the brush set from a secondary window into the Procreate app.

Opening a secondary window next to Procreate

  • Open a (blank) canvas
  • Open a secondary window by gently swiping upward from the bottom of your screen. Drag the folder app to one side of your screen
  • In this secondary window, navigate to the location of the .brushset
  • Open the brush menu in Procreate
  • Drag the .brushset file onto the Brush Library, you’ll see a green + appear
  • Just drop it to let Procreate import your new brush set!
Dragging a brushset file into Procreate

Instant import from your local folder

An even easier way is to just open your local folders, locate the .brushset file and tap it. It’ll automatically import the new brush set to Procreate!

Importing a Procreate .brushset from Google Drive

You can also import a .brushset file from an app like Google Drive.

  • Locate the .brushset file in Google Drive
  • Tap the three little dots
  • Select Open in
  • Navigate to Copy to Procreate (if it doesn’t show up, try selecting More)
  • Tada! Your new brush set is imported into the Procreate app
Using Google Drive to import brush sets into Procreate
Opening Procreate Brushes from Google Drive by selecting Copy to Procreate

The same thing can be done with Dropbox, navigate to the .brushset file, tap the three little dots, select export and navigate to Copy to Procreate. Easy as that!

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