Here are some fun drawing exercises that are very relaxing, but at the same time, they improve your overall drawing skills! You might think that doing exercises is boring, but with these 5 drawing exercises, you’ll be having fun, yout’ll be boosting your creativity and relax at the same time!

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Fun drawing exercise #1

The first fun drawing exercise is to solve a maze! You might think that solving mazes is just a way to train your brain, but you’ll be training your hand as well. It is a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination.

Solve a maze like this and train your hand-eye coordination

If you’re drawing in Procreate, be sure to turn off StreamLine in your brush settings. This way your lines won’t get smoothed and you’ll be doing everything yourself. While guiding your line through the maze, make sure it doesn’t touch the walls.

Fun drawing exercise #2

fun drawing exercise patterns

Drawing various patterns is a great way to spark your creativity, at the same time you’ll be practicing your overall drawing skills. Try to fill every square with a different pattern. You can let your surroundings inspire you, or browse through a photo website. If you look at textures around you, you’ll find lots of patterns!

Fun drawing exercise #3

Coloring a coloring page isn’t just for children, it’s a very relaxing activity for adults as well. When coloring an illustration you can practice your hand-eye coordination, but you can also experiment with colors for example and find exciting color combinations. If you want to know how you can turn a coloring page or other illustration into a layer with transparancy then check out this article.

Fun drawing exercise #4

fun drawing exercise mandala

Have you ever tried drawing a mandala? In the app Procreate, creating mandalas is super easy! Just turn on drawing guide in the menu, then go to edit drawing guide, be sure to turn on symmetry, assisted drawing and set the symmetry to radial. When drawing your mandala, you can try to come up with as many shapes as you can think of or you can focus on making very tidy lines. Relax and practice your drawing skills at the same time!

Fun drawing exercise #5

Finally, a super fun way to practice your drawing skills, is by following step by step drawing tutorials for kids! Try to copy lines and angles exactly, that way you are really exercising your measuring skills. This will come in handy when drawing portraits or other subjects for example. It’s nice to just draw and not worry about the outcome too much, just have fun!

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