Welcome to the treasure chest! On this page you can download all of the Procreate freebies and watch exclusive videos. Experiencing downloading issues? Then please try using a different browser. You can also check my F.A.Q. page if you need any help downloading or installing the freebies.

Exclusive ebook about color theory in Procreate. Read all about color contrasts and harmonies and how to apply them in Procreate.

A collection of awesome Art with Flo Procreate brushes, great for sketching, blending, adding details and textures to your artworks.

Create art inspired by the 31 Procreate prompts and get a chance of having your art featured in Instagram Stories. Get inspired!

Load up your iPad and get an inspirational boost with 30 unique color palettes! Start creating unique and colorful paintings!

increase the fun and learn more!