My favourite Procreate brush packs from other designers

Of course my own Procreate brushes are my favorite brushes and they are my most used brushes. But there are some awesome artists out there that are also doing a pretty great job creating some really nice Procreate brushes. Here are some of my favorites that you might like as well. You’ll find Procreate watercolor brushes, inking brushes, texture brushes and more!

Easy Peasy Animal Drawing Kit

Draw cute animals super easy, even if you’re a beginner! This Easy-Peasy Animal Drawing kit is designed to help you create adorable animal characters. The handy frame builder helps you with proportions of heads and bodies, all you have to do is toggle layers on and off to build you base! Then choose from 37 different clothing items and 21 accessories including hats, bows, banners and more!

Character Drawing Toolkit

Even more fun with Lisa Glanz, I think these packs she has created are so cute! You’ll find loads of basic shape brushes to make it easy to create a great variety of characters. It also comes with a special drawing guide.

These are affiliate links, this means I’ll get a small fee whenever you purchase something, at no extra cost to you of course!

Dirty Half Tones Brush Pack

Shoutbam has made some great brush packs, like this Dirty Half-Tones set, great to add nifty textures to your illustrations. The pack also contains two video tutorials, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Ultimate Brush ToolBox

This pack contains a ridiculous amount of brushes, It was crafted from hundreds of real samples across 12 different mediums. You can definitely notice that a lot of love was put into this set. 

Everything Watercolour for Procreate

What can I say? This is just another awesome pack of Procreate Watercolor Brushes. If you are into watercolor painting in Procreate, then you will like this brush pack!

Flower Builder Kit for Procreate

Create easy flowers in Procreate with these Flower grid builder brushes. The pack contains brushes, stamps, composition guides and a video tutorial.

Dry Media Brushes for Procreate

I really like the brushes and tutorials Lisa Glanz makes. Check this pack and the tutorial attached to it, during the demonstration she’ll show you how to create a cute bunny in Procreate.

Ultimate Canvas Creator for Procreate

If you are looking to add canvas and paper texture effects to your artworks, then this is a great bundle. You’ll make your art look like it was painted or drawn on a traditional medium. I hope you like it as much as I do.

The Big Procreate Print Pack

This pack contains 4 separate brush packs to create art that looks like real prints. You’ll find lino cut brushes, shape stamps, texture brushes and seamless paper texture brushes. Procreate fun guaranteed!


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Effortless Gouache Brush Pack

Another lovely pack from Lisa Glanz, plus a cute and whimsical tutorial.

Ultimate Procreate Background Set

A fun texture pack to spice up your Procreate artwork. It will help you create that ‘crafty’ feel.

The Complete Procreate Print Toolkit

Want to create and print products for your home or small shop, or to share with family and friends? This is the pack for you!