Do you have questions about Digital Art?

In this FAQ page I will try to answer some questions about Digital Art. I will answer questions about how to get started with digital art and what brushes to use. These are some of the questions people often ask me. Can’t find your question? Send me a message and I might add it!

What gear do you use?

I work on an iPad Pro and on my PC, you can find all my gear on my gear page.

How long have you been drawing?

I started drawing when I was about 5 years old I guess and I started making digital art about 12 years ago. You can read the full story on the About Me page.

Have you always wanted to be an artist?

Not really, as a kid I wanted to become a doctor, then I wanted to become a vet and later I wanted to be a psychologist (and even studied Psychology).

Why digital art and not traditional?

I made traditional art for a long time, but it always gave such a mess, took up a lot of space and I had to buy supplies all the time. Moving to digital art seemed like the perfect solution to me and I loved it right from the start!

Do you do commissions?

No I don’t, making tutorial videos, developing brushes and making content for social media takes up more than enough time 😉

I want to make digital art too, where do I start?

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If you have a PC, you could get yourself a low budget drawing tablet, like a Veikk or Huion and try out a free drawing program, like GIMP or Krita. If you feel like you really like making digital art, you can start investing in other software, other gear or perhaps an iPad. There’s a lot of budget friendly gear and software out there to get you started. If you want to learn more, be sure to check out my article about getting started with digital art to learn more.

Which is better for beginners, Photoshop or Procreate?

I think Procreate has a very beginner friendly interface. Photoshop can be very overwhelming and might have features you won’t be using. Procreate works very intuitive and I believe it’s a perfect program for beginners.

What brushes do you use?

I use my own custom brushes mostly, you can find my Procreate brushes and Photoshop brushes here on my website. I’m always working on creating new and exciting brushes!