In this easy drawing tutorial I will walk you through all the steps to create this tropical sunset scene in Procreate. To create this scene we’ll be using the brushes that come with Procreate and two free Procreate brushes. Want to use the exact same colors as were used in this drawing tutorial? You can find the color palette here. I have made the brushes and palette for both Procreate and Photoshop! If you like this tutorial, then you might like this Easy Landscape Drawing tutorial as well!

Easy Drawing tutorial – The Basic shapes

The first step in this easy drawing tutorial is to drop in a background color, we’ll use a very dark red for this (you can find it in the palette!). Next step is to draw a circle on a new layer, you can use the monoline brush for this. To make a perfect round circle in Procreate, just draw a circle and hold your pen in place. Next, tap one finger on your screen while you still have your pen in place, this way you’ll create a perfect round circle.

Fill this circle by dragging in your color circle into the circle that you have just drawn. Next step is to draw in the horizon, you can do this on a new layer. If you set the new layer to Clipping Mask by clicking on the layer, you can paint inside the shape of the circle only, that’s super handy! Now draw a straight, horizontal line to create the horizon. Again, you can use the monoline brush for this.

easy drawing tutorial - the first steps of the process

Once you’ve created the straight line, you can start drawing some random hills. Make sure you close the shape before you fill it with the dark background color. It looks nice to add some shapes in the foreground as well.

Easy Drawing tutorial – Adding a gradient

Once you have made the basic shapes of the sunset scene, it’s time to add a gradient to the sky and ocean. To do this, make a new layer beneath the layer with the shapes you have just created. Grab the Soft Brush which you can find under Airbrushes in Procreate (In Photoshop you can just use the soft round brush or make a gradient using the gradient tool). Since we want the gradient to start at the horizon, let’s first make a rectangular selection to select the entire sky. This way you won’t be able to paint on the water.

Start with the yellow near the horizon and move your way up through the colors in the color palette. If your transition isn’t soft enough, then you can go the the magic wand in your menu and select Gaussian Blur, slide to the right a little bit to soften the transition.

easy drawing tutorial - adding a gradient

Next step is to do the same thing with the ocean. This time, make sure you select the part below the horizon, so you won’t be able to paint on the sky.

Adding trees and clouds!

adding palm trees to the sunset scene

Finally, let’s add some palm trees and clouds. Adding the palm trees is super easy, just download the Palm Tree brushes for Procreate or Photoshop for free at the bottom of this article.

If you draw a palm tree on a new layer, then it is super easy to resize it and move it around. Just use the little arrow icon in your menu. Be sure to make a new layer for each palm tree you add. You can merge all these palm tree layers once you are done.

Finally, we’ll also add some soft and simple clouds. Make sure you paint these on a layer that is between your gradient layer and your palm trees layer. To paint the clouds, use the medium brush which is under the Airbrushing. Make gentle circular motions to paint in the clouds and make the bottom of the clouds flat. Use a soft orange in the yellow area and a yellow in the orange area.

Final version tropical sunset scene

Have fun painting a tropical sunset scene of your own! Be sure to share your result, I would love to see it. Click the image below to get your free brushes!


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