In this easy drawing tutorial I will walk you through all the steps to draw a candle in Procreate. To draw a candle we’ll be using the brushes that come with Procreate and two free Procreate brushes. Want to use the exact same colors as were used in this drawing tutorial? You can find the color palette here. If you like this tutorial, then you might like this Easy Landscape Drawing tutorial as well!

Draw a Candle – The first steps

First thing we’ll do to draw a candle in Procreate, is fill the background with a dark color and draw the basic shape of the candle using the Monoline brush under Calligraphy. Make sure you draw the candle shape on a separate layer and not on the layer with the background color.

Once you have created the basic shape of the candle, go to the magic wand in your menu and select Gaussian Blur. Now add a slight blur to your candle layer, around 3% looks nice. Next it’s time to grab the Soft Brush under Airbrushing. Use an orange like color and create a gradient, you need to do this on a new layer that is set to Clipping Mask (just click on the layer to make a little menu pop up). The underside of the candle will be darker and more orange and the top of the candle will be lighter and more yellow.

Draw a candle and add a soft gradient

The candle will look like the image above now. To make the gradient look even softer, you can use a Gaussian Blur on this layer as well. For our next step we’ll add a Layer Mask to the layer with the basic candle shape. Just click the layer to make the little menu pop up and select Mask. Now you can use the Soft Brush set to black to block a part of the candle. Block the underside of the candle, since this part will be in darkness. It’ll look like the image below.

For the next step, grab the Soft Airbrush under Airbrushingl. Use this brush to add details to the candle, like dripping wax. To have full control, make sure you add these drips on a new layer. This makes it easy to erase parts or move parts around if necessary.

Draw a candle adding a wick and highlights

Once you have created some drips, make a new layer to draw the wick. I’ve used the Monoline brush under Calligraphy for this. Next you can make a new layer on top to add some more highlights on the candle and to cover the underside of the wick.

Adding the flame

Of course our candle needs a flame. We’ll start adding this in the next few steps. First we’ll use the Monoline brush to draw a basic shape of a flame. Use a light color for this. Once we have our flame, click the layer with the flame and make a Mask again. Grab the Soft Brush under Airbrushing and set it to black to block the lower part of the flame, around the wick.

Your flame will look like the image above now. But we need to add some glow to the flame as well of course. To add this glow we’ll make two new layers, set these layers to Add (just click the N on the layer and scroll down to Add). On the first layer add an orange glow using the Soft Airbrush and on the second layer add some blue glow around the wick.

As a final touch, we’ll add some bokeh lights to the background. Make a new layer and drag it all the way down to the bottom, just above the dark layer. Use the Big Bokeh Lights brush which you can download for free on this page to add subtle lights to the background.

And then you’re finished! Here’s a little overview of the layers that were used to draw this candle.

Draw a Candle layer overview

To download the glitter brushes, just click the image below and fill in a zero to get the brushes for free (you can check out in the upper right corner of your screen).

Want to watch the video? Check it out below!


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