How Creative Are You?

Always wanted to know if you’re creative? Let’s find out!

creativity test

Have you always wondered if you are creative? Doing a creativity test can give you the answer! Or give you an indication at least. Besides, doing some crazy tests is fun, right!?

Are you creative?

Many people feel like they are not creative because perhaps they can’t draw that well or don’t have any musical abilities (I sure don’t have!). But guess what? Being creative isn’t just about creating, it’s about the ability to think outside the box and come up with out of the ordinary ideas. This applies to many fields!

The creativity test

So how can you test your creativity? There are multiple ways and there are also different kinds of creativity or ways of thinking. In a creativity test you can test your convergent thinking and your divergent thinking.

Convergent thinking

Convergent thinking means coming up with a single answer to a specific problem. It’s what you do before you get to that Eureka! moment, when you finally find the solution to that problem you’ve been trying to solve for so long. In the creativity test we’ll measure convergent thinking with some riddles. Give them a try!

Divergent thinking

Divergent thinking means coming up with lots of original ideas. You divergent thinking ability can be measure with the Alternative Uses Task, which was created by J.P. Guilford in 1967. For this task you need to come up with as many alternative uses for a simple object, like a brick or paperclip. For instance, a paperclip could be used as an emergency hairclip, to secure wrapping paper, to clean your nails, etc.

Let’s do it!

Are you ready to give it a try? Watch the video and use pen and paper to write down your ideas and solutions. Even though this is not an offical test, it’ll give you a decent idea of how creative your brain is. Will you share your score?


  1. Hey Flo, I love your website, it looks wonderful and is really fun to browse. I took the creativity test and my score for the 1st 3 questions came to 30! My brain went nuts LOL … I got the other answers right apart from the Marsha and Marjorie one. Thank you for making this video, it was really good fun to take the test. Love you lots, Gina xoxo

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