Easy Watercolor Painting Tutorial

In this video tutorial I’ll show you how you can use my Watercolor brushes for Procreate to create a simple mountain landscape. It’s a short demonstration of the brush set to help you get started. Here’s the color palette in case you want to use the exact same colors.

If you would like to see a more elaborate video tutorial, then you might like this 1+ hour Patreon video tutorial. In this intermediate level tutorial I’ll take you through the steps of painting a house with watercolor brushes. I’ll take you from the sketching fase of the painting, all the way to the detailing stage. The watercolor brushes used in the video tutorial are freely available to all Eager Learner and Master Student patrons.

Do you want to get the full set of Procreate Watercolor Brushes? And start creating your own watercolor paintings in Procreate? You can find it HERE.


Get my FREE pack full of brushes, color palettes, exclusive videos and my ebook about color theory in Procreate.


Procreate 5.2 is coming

Procreate 5.2 is on the way and I’ll show you some awesome new features that you’ll find in the update.

NFTs at Makersplace

What is an NFT?

I’ll try to explain what an NFT is in a simple way and how you can sell or buy digital artwork on NFT marketplaces


You Can Draw This RETROWAVE LANDSCAPE in Procreate! Anyone can draw this retrowave illustration following this digital drawing tutorial for beginners. I will show you

You Can Draw This Landscape with a Road

https://youtu.be/A9WLOimFCo0 You Can Draw This LANDSCAPE with a ROAD in Procreate! Anyone can draw this landscape with a road following this digital drawing tutorial for