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  • 5 fun and relaxing drawing exercises

    5 FUN drawing exercises

    With these 5 drawing exercises you’ll be having fun and improving your drawing skills at the same time! Relax and solve mazes, draw mandalas, color coloring pages and more. Read the full article and get inspired.

  • Finding Reference Photos for drawing

    Finding reference and study material

    If you want to practice drawing by using reference photos, or if you need reference photos as a base for your next painting; It is important to select reference photos of a decent quality. Low quality photos will make your ‘drawing’ life harder than it has to be!

  • 12 Digital drawing exercises

    These 12 drawing exercises will help you improve your drawing skills and get a better hand-eye coordination. Do these exercises for just 5 or 10 minutes a day and your drawing skills will improve fast!

  • How to sketch complicated subjects

    In this tutorial I’ll show you a way to sketch complicated subjects. You’ll see the steps I take and how I approach measuring complicated subjects, like a little elephant for instance!