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  • Procreate 5X update

    Procreate 5X Update – 21 NEW features!

    The Procreate 5X Update is here and it’s full of brand new features. I have made a video showing all of the new Procreate features and how they work. New Procreate 5X filters and more control! Procreate has some great new filters like Glitch, Chromatic Aberration, Half Tone and Bloom. The great thing is that […]

  • ebook preview

    Learn how to sketch anything

    You can learn how to sketch anything by reading my latest ebook ‘You Can Sketch Anything’. The book is full of exercises and useful tips and comes with a 50 min fully narrated video tutorial!

  • you can draw this candle in procreate

    Easy Drawing Tutorial – You can draw a candle!

    In this easy drawing tutorial I will walk you through all the steps to draw a candle in Procreate. To draw a candle we’ll be using the brushes that come with Procreate and two free Procreate brushes. Want to use the exact same colors as were used in this drawing tutorial? You can find the color palette […]

  • custom nike air force 1 sneakers

    Custom Nike Air Force 1’s

    Create your own custom Nike Air Force 1’s step by step. In this article you’ll read all about the products you can use and the steps you need to follow to create colorful sneakers.

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