Art with Flo at Skillshare – The first class has launched!

Art with Flo at Skillshare

Art with Flo is now on Skillshare! The first Art with Flo Skillshare class has launched. It’s the perfect start if you want to learn how to paint in Procreate.

Art with Flo at Skillshare – What you’ll learn

In this first class at Skillshare, I will take you through all the basics of Procreate. You’ll learn all the tools you need to know to get started with digital painting. I will show you how you can use tools like layer clipping mask, alpha lock, layer masks, adjustments and much more!

In the second half of the class, we’ll be doing a class project, for this project we’ll be painting a realistic looking apple in Procreate. You can find resources like brushes, a color palette and reference photos at Skillshare under the Projects & Resources tab. Once you have finished your own project, you can share it! I’m really looking forward to seeing your results.

In the class we’ll go through all the steps, from basic sketch, using the HB pencil to an apple with basic coloring. Finally we’ll be adding textures and details and making some final tweaks to our artwork. Of course I’ll also show you how you can export your artwork once you are done!

Get 2 months FREE access!

You don’t have a Skillshare subscription? Don’t worry! I am allowed to give you 2 months of FREE access. That should be enough time to follow my class and share your result, so lets get started!

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  1. Hi Flo, I’m Saren. I just joined your gang, at Patreon and spent yesterday drawing a teapot. My husband found your work on YouTube and told me to have a look as I was searching for someone who taught at a good speed. I am a writer who staring illustrating 7 year ago when I became very ill. My girlfriend who is a full time artist gave me some colour pencils and a pad as I was stuck in bed. It saved me from going crazy!
    I used to hire artists to illustrate my books then 8 months ago I bought a new iPad and bought Procreate. I’m obsessed. I have started a program with 4-5 year old children teaching them art and it’s gone crazy! I’m so excited to be learning from you!!! Trying to work out how to surf the Patreon site it’s a bit clunky… but I’m so stoked that U have opened the new skill classes they are amazing! Ps I was looking for the gets darker brush and I’m not sure where to find it so I can Finnish my teapot! Thank you so much for being so wonderful! X Saren

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