Drawing in Procreate really doesn’t have to be difficult or challenging. You can draw this planet too! All you need is the app Procreate because we’ll be drawing this planet with the brushes that come with Procreate, so anyone can draw this in Procreate!

Anyone can draw this in Procreate – You too!

Draw a simple circle

The first step to drawing this planet is drawing a simple circle. To draw a circle in the app Procreate, you can use the Quick Shape tool. Draw a circle and hold your pen in place after drawing the circle, this will make your circle snap and become a perfect smooth shape. Next you can hold one finger on your screen, while your pen is still in place, to turn the shape into a perfect circle.

Draw rings around the planet

Next you can drag the color your are using into the shape to fill it. After making this circle, add a new layer above the circle layer. On this layer we’ll draw the rings of Saturn. You can use the same technique as for the basic circle, draw rings around the planet and use the Quick Shape tool to make them perfectly round. Make circles on separate layers and merge these to be able to fill them with a flat color.

Transforming the rings

The next step is to transform the rings of Saturn and make them wrap around the planet. Use the transform tool for this and select distort. After selecting distort, you can drag the handle in the upper left corner to distort the rings and make them wrap around the planet.

Transform the rings to wrap them around the planet

Of course you’ll want to erase a part of the rings, because the part that is behind the planet won’t be visible. To do this, make a selection of the planet. After selecting the layer with the planet on it, use the selection tool and set it to automatic. You can now just click the planet to select it, once you’ve done this you can select the layer with the rings on it and use the eraser to erase the part of the rings that should be behind the planet.

Add texture to the planet

Add texture to the planet using the Splatter brush

After wrapping the rings around the planet, it’s time to add some texture to both the planet and the rings. We’ll use one of the Spraypaint brushes for that, the Splatter brush to be exact. Once you’ve picked the Splatter brush, select a color that is slightly darker and warmer than the base color of the planet. Now just lay some texture over the planet. You can vary the colors you use and lay down bands over the planet. When doing this, make sure you follow the round shape of the planet. This means that your lines should be a bit curved.

Using a layer mask on the rings

To add a bit more realism to the rings, let’s use a layer mask and the splatter brush! Select the layer with the rings and select Mask. Next, fill the layer mask with black by dragging black onto the layer. You won’t be able to see the rings anymore now. Using the splatter brush set to white, you can now paint the rings back in, but they’ll look nicely textured now!

Using a layer mask on the rings

Selecting the layer with the rings again, you can now add some more bright colors to the rings to add more interest and variation.

Anyone can draw this shadow on a planet!

Adding a shadow to the planet

Now let’s add a nice shadow to the planet. To do this, we’ll use the selection tool again. But first we’ll need to add a new layer above the planet and set it to clipping mask. Next make a circular selection that covers about half of the planet and then select invert. Finally you can use feather to soften the selection a bit. Once you’ve got a selection that you like, you can fill it with a dark blue color. Set the layer with the blue shadow on it to Multiply and play around with the opacity. To make the shadow even softer, you can go to the Magic Wand and use Gaussian Blur.

Add more interest to the background

The background of this painting still looks a bit boring right now, let’s add some nebula and stars! Procreate has a nice Nebula brush to do this. Next, to add stars, we’ll use the Glimmer brush. The stars are way too close to eachother when using the regular settings though, so you’ll have to tweak the brush a little bit. Set the spacing of the brush to max and the size jitter under dynamics to max as well. This will make the stars look way better!

Nebulas and stars

You can use this same brush to add interest to the rings of the planet as well. To do this you’ll have to turn down the spacing a bit again though. Tweak the settings and vary the size and color of the rings.

That’s it! Anyone can draw this in Procreate, so go ahead and paint your own planet! It would be great to see your results.

After drawing this planet in Procreate, I continued tweaking the planet and rings a bit. I used my new texture brushes and my glitter brushes to add some sparkles. You can find them on my Procreate Brush page.

Anyone Can Draw This in PROCREATE – The video

Rather check out the fully narrated tutorial video? Check it out below to follow all the drawing steps.

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