I’m Flo, the face, person, artist, voice behind Art with Flo! The name is short for Floortje actually. I’m a digital artist and I love to share everything I know with all of you, YAY! So you want to know how Art with Flo came to be? Here’s a little story about how got into art.

My childhood

A portrait I made of my dad when I was about six years old

I probably started drawing when I was about five years old and I enjoyed it a lot! I loved to draw people and animals, like horses and big cats.

I was always busy trying to improve my skills and learning about drawing by reading lots of books and looking at the work of others.

After that period, I forgot about drawing for a while. Even though I kept drawing in my notebooks at school.

ImagineFX – My favorite art magazine ever!

Discovering digital art

When I was about 20 years old I learned about digital art when visiting the website of CG Society. I saw the work of Bobby Chiu and was immediately inspired, I wanted to make stuff like that too! I bought a Wacom tablet and started practicing. Drawing digital became like an obsession and I couldn’t stop reading and learning about it. I read a lot of Imagine FX in that period and I still love that magazine.

My biggest achievement in that period was getting my work published in Ballistic Publishing’s Exotique 7, I was so proud! The whole world could see my work now. But then, nothing…

My artwork in Exotique 7

Waking up the artist

I guess life got in the way and I forgot about art for a while. I studied Psychology at the Open University of Amsterdam and got a job after that (and two very cool kids!). About 8 years ago my inner artist awoke again though and I became a professional (wedding) photographer.

A memory of the time I was a wedding photographer

It was really great to be a photographer and channel my creativity. But the urge to draw again started to emerge too. I still had my trusty old Wacom drawing tablet, so I got back to it! That’s three years ago now. I got active on Instagram and things started growing 😉 Soon after I even started a YouTube channel, I was so nervous about that!

The start of Art with Flo

I got a new Wacom drawing tablet, bought an iPad Pro and got more serious about digital art (if you’re curious about the exact gear I use, you can find it on my gear page actually). It took me a lot of years, but now art is a huge part of my life and I’m happy to share everything I have learned. 

Besides art I really enjoy traveling and visiting new places and meeting new people. Of course I still grab my photo camera when I do!