I love sharing the joy of creating digital art! Anyone can learn how to draw and paint in Procreate, that’s my firm belief.


If you want to learn about creating digital art in Procreate, then you’ve come to the right place! Art with Flo offers special video tutorials for beginners and more advanced tutorials if you are ready to take a deeper dive. Anyone can learn how to 

draw and paint digital and experience the joy of creating. On this website you will find a great collection of tutorials, informative articles, but also resources like special Procreate brushes, color palettes and ebooks. You can become a Procreate Master!


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I’m Flo, the face, person, artist, voice behind Art with Flo! The name is short for Floortje actually. I’m a digital artist and I love to share everything I know with all of you, YAY! So you want to know how Art with Flo came to be? Here’s a little story about how got into art.


I probably started drawing when I was about five years old and I enjoyed it a lot! I loved to draw people and animals, like horses and big cats. I made the portrait on the right when I was about six years old.

I was always busy trying to improve my skills and learning about drawing by reading lots of books and looking at the work of others.

After that period, I forgot about drawing for a while. Even though I kept drawing in my notebooks at school.


When I was about 20 years old I learned about digital art when visiting the website of CG Society. I saw the work of Bobby Chiu and was immediately inspired, I wanted to make stuff like that too! I bought a Wacom tablet and started practicing. Drawing digital became like an obsession and I couldn’t stop reading and learning about it. I read a lot of Imagine FX in that period and I still love that magazine.

My biggest achievement in that period was getting my work published in Ballistic Publishing’s Exotique 7, I was so proud! The whole world could see my work now. But then, nothing…



I guess life got in the way and I forgot about art for a while. I studied Psychology at the Open University of Amsterdam and got a job after that (and two very cool kids!). About 8 years ago my inner artist awoke again though and I became a professional (wedding) photographer.

It was really great to be a photographer and channel my creativity. But the urge to draw again started to emerge too. I still had my trusty old Wacom drawing tablet, so I got back to it! That’s three years ago now. I got active on Instagram and things started growing 😉 Soon after I even started a YouTube channel, I was so nervous about that!


I got a new Wacom drawing tablet, bought an iPad Pro and got more serious about digital art (if you’re curious about the exact gear I use, you can find it on my gear page actually). It took me a lot of years, but now art is a huge part of my life and I’m happy to share everything I have learned. 

Besides art I really enjoy traveling and visiting new places and meeting new people. Of course I still grab my photo camera when I do! 

Photography by Art with Flo in Vietnam
Art with Flo photography in Vietnam
Art with Flo as a Photographer in Vietnam Hanoi