Want to improve your (digital) drawing skills? Do the following digital drawing exercises on a regular basis and you will see your (digital) drawing skills improve. Of course we all want to improve fast and not spend too much time exercising, but you don’t have to do these exercises for hours. Even if you just practice these digital drawing exercises for 10 minutes a day, you will see results fast!

Drawing Exercise #1

The first exercise is a crosshatching exercise. Fill your canvas or your piece of paper with hatches. You can place them in random directions. It doesn’t just help you gain confidence when hatching, but it’s also a very relaxing, almost meditative exercise.

Drawing Exercise #2

For the next exercise we will fill a digital canvas or piece of paper again. This time we’ll fill it with circles. Start out with big circles and place smaller circles in between. Make your circles smaller and smaller until you can’t fit in any circles anymore.

Drawing Exercise #3

The next exercise is a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination. Start by making a circle, a square or other shape and place a dot in the middle. Now make a circle again, inside the bigger circle. Try to place your circle exactly in between the dot and the outer line. Continue making circles between lines until you don’t have enough space anymore.

Drawing Exercise #4

This is also a great exercise to improve you hand-eye coordination. Draw a random wiggly snake shape and try to draw one next to it, making a parallel line.

Drawing Exercise #5

For the fifth exercise we’ll use the same wiggly snakes, but this time, try to replicate the entire snake shape next to the original. This helps you practice copying shapes.

Drawing Exercise #6

This exercise is about copying shapes as well. Draw a vertical line and then draw random shapes on the left side of the line (or on the right hand if you are left handed). Next, try to replicate the shapes as exact as you can on the right side. This is a great way to get a sense of angles and sizes.

Drawing Exercise #7

Copying shapes can become a lot easier when you don’t try to make long lines, but make dashed lines instead. Make a series of shapes for this exercise and then try copying them using long continuous lines, then copy the same shapes using dashed lines. Do you see how much easier it becomes to copy the shapes?

Drawing Exercise #8

Another copying exercise! Make random, rectangular shapes and try to copy them. Try to observe and copy the angles and use this exercise to get better at judging sizes and angles.

Drawing Exercise #9

Do you think these previous exercises were a bit too boring for you? This next exercise sure is a lot of fun! Just follow a drawing tutorial for kids, like this one. It really helps to improve your observational skills and hand-eye coordination.

Drawing Exercise #10

This is a great digital drawing exercise when you’re having trouble with getting control over your pen pressure. Grab a digital pencil that has size set to pen pressure and start making lines that vary in thickness. Next, start making a line next to it, reversing the thick and thin parts. Try to fit the next line into the previous line. Like this:

Drawing Exercise #11

You don’t just want to train your ability to judge sizes, shapes and angles and get control over pen pressure. Training your ability to judge values when painting is also a great idea! You can easily do this with this digital drawing exercise. Grab a black and white photo and pick an area you want to judge. Then try to pick the right value by hand, using the color wheel. Lay down the value and judge your choice by using the color picker and picking the exact value from the photo.

This way you can correct yourself and see if you pick values that are too dark or too light.

Drawing Exercise #12

You can do the same exercise with color! Pick a random photo and then a random area in that photo and try to pick the color in the color wheel. You can correct yourself by using the eyedropper tool and check if you were anywhere near the real color.

Digital drawing exercises – The video

Want to see all these digital drawing exercises in action? Then check out the full video with these 12 exercises to improve your drawing skills! Also want to improve your blending skills? Then check out these 10 tips to improve your blending skills.


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